In a game of online Baccarat, the majority of the action

In a game of online Baccarat, the majority of the action

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In a game of online Baccarat, the majority of the action and decision-making is handled by the dealer. The dealer will draw the cards according to the specific rules of the Baccarat game in progress, at which point the player does not have any decisions to make.
Players will make only two decisions during a round of Baccarat:
-The selection of the position that they believe will win the next hand.
-The amount of the wagered bet.
The house banks all bets and collects and makes the payouts on every hand. Once the player selects their position and wager amount, there are no more decisions for them to make throughout the course of the hand.
Online Baccarat is played with eight decks of cards that are re-shuffled after each hand and dealt from a shoe, similar to Blackjack. A total of four cards are dealt, with the first and third cards going to the Player’s hand, and the second and fourth cards to the Banker’s hand.

Once the Player and Banker receive their cards, their point total is displayed below the hand on the screen. If either hand has a total of 8 or 9, this is considered a “Natural,” at which point no additional cards will be dealt. The winning hand is determined by the person (Player or Banker) whose point total is closest to 9. If both hand totals are the same, a “Tie” is declared.

If a winning hand is not satisfied during the initial draw, a third card may then be drawn by the dealer. The third card is dealt face up, first to the Player’s hand and then, if necessary, to the Banker’s hand. Only one additional card per hand may be dealt.

Players are given a total of 5 different options they may bet on including:
-Player hand
-Banker hand
-Tie hand
-Player pair
-Banker pair
Additionally, players may also bet on Banker and Player hand, or Banker and Player Pair or Tie hand at the same time. เล่นบาคาร่า


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