How to Create a Plant Shelfie—the Green Home Decor

How to Create a Plant Shelfie—the Green Home Decor

Gorgeous plant shelfie by Caitlyn Kibler of @ohokaycaitlyn #PlantShelfies

We love a good #plantshelfie. My one-bedroom flat in London has four different plant shelfies—in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen—and it’s the best thing ever. There’s just something about picking an aesthetic, choosing the plants and pots that will make up your shelfie, and then styling it (and styling it again, and again, until it’s perfect).

We’re not alone in our love for a good plant shelfie. There is a whole hashtag dedicated to the perfect #plantshelfies on Instagram, where we see how other people are using plants to make a decor statement. We talked to a few plant parents who know how to style a great shelfie. They shared their tips and tricks so you can create an epic plant shelfie at home.

His plant shelfies are so full and lush, you can barely see the shelves—just the way we like it.

Tips from Dorrington: “I think a good place to start is by using a mix of different types of plants. Different growth structure, different leaf shapes, colours and textures. I like to mix more common everyday plants like philodendron Brazil, hoya carnosa, and pilea peperomioides with some of my more uncommon/rare plants like anthurium crystallinum, fernleaf cactus and cercestis mirabilis.”

How he updates his plant shelfie: “About once a month I remove everything from the shelves so that I can clean the shelves off and I’ll usually take that as an opportunity to restyle things.” It’s important to keep your plant shelves clean since soil can get everywhere, so this is a great time to shake things up. ออกแบบบ้าน


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