3 Small Studio Apartments With Beautiful Design

3 Small Studio Apartments With Beautiful Design
Studio apartments are notoriously difficult to decorate – especially

within smaller layouts. The simplest approach is to create a coordinated style that extends throughout the entire home,

but that option can restrict the creativity and expressive potential of the occupants.

The other option is to create a different theme within each functional area,

but this requires careful planning and a unifying design layer to make sure the home doesn’t clash or feel too eclectic.

The five studio apartments profiled in this post demonstrate a variety of techniques and styles,

proving that creative constraints can lead to inspiring solutions.

This first studio apartment from YØ DEZEEN uses a modern monochromatic theme paired with smooth plywood wall paneling. The compact living room arrangement sets the standard for the smart space-saving solutions found throughout the home.

A freestanding divider creates an implied boundary between the kitchen and living space. It also offers a convenient mounting point for the television, making the media center feel like part of the room.

The workspace features plenty of extra storage to minimize the need for a larger desk. The shelves also double as a display for decorative items to make the living space feel more homey and lived-in.สถาปนิก


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