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  1. Splodgebox

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    Jan 28, 2018
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    Greetings Travellers,

    Divine Swift

    What is Divine Swift?

    Divine Swift is an enchant that you can add to Acceleration III to get Speed IV


    For now the only way to get Divine Swift is from the new vkit

    Vykros VKIT

    Based on the fallen warrior 'Vykros'. Obtain this vkit to get the powers of the undead warrior and unleash his inner power locked within his set of armour

    You have a 25% chance to get Divine Swift on your boots with each redeem of the vkit


    Classic game mode of King Of The Hill is now coming to VoyagePvP

    Each KoTH will happen every 10 hours and will last 30 minutes

    KoTH will be setup tomorrow

    F Inspect

    Introducing /f inspect,
    This command allows leaders of the faction to see what block a player has place and broken
    This is also combined with the insiding ban!!


    1st Offence: 7 Day Ban
    2nd Offence: 1 Month Ban
    3rd Offence: Perm Ban

    This feature will be added on restart of the server

    In celebration of the release of this update we will be having a 25% sale on the server store
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  2. Nelly

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    Apr 8, 2018
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  3. TechnoBlade

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    Feb 1, 2018
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    Love it!
    expeciously the ./f inside that's a nice touch

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