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    Greetings Travellers!

    Today we have some spicy new features and items.

    Battle Pets

    A true warriors companion never leaves his side, he's there through thick and thin and helps his master in all his endeavours. Now's your chance to have, at your beckoned call, a true companion who's abilities will guide you on your quest. Your newly found companion may look cute, but each one of them comes prepared and ready for battle.

    These Battle Pets allow you to gain/active special abilities, They can be bought in-game with the command /petshop using Monstershards that are obtainable through killing bosses.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Coin Flips

    Heads and tails will never be the same again! Introducing Coin Flips, This allows players to play the classic game of heads and tails for in-game money.


    The title explains it all... We have a way to do the lottery in a block game? What next...

    Money Pouches

    It's like your birthday all over again


    - New Bosses
    - Old Bosses Revamp
    - Bug Fixes

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