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by Convertinq at 11:39 PM
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Hello All, within this changelog, i will cover what i have added/fixed in the last 2 days or so. So, here we go;

  • Installed the Xenforo 1.5.16 Build
  • Configured most of the Xenforo theme options & Optimized the forums
  • Installed some custom firmware & added custom CSS templates
  • Changed the forum themes
  • Added the new logo to the forums path
  • Added a new user_banner system
  • Improved the spam check
  • Improved the bot checking system
  • Configured SQL Databases to match what i pose safe
  • Installed a few Custom Worked Addons
  • Rounded Avatars have replaced Circle ones
  • XenPorta installed
  • Permissions setup and validated
  • Portal Images Fixed
  • PlayerCount also fixed
  • Custom Tabs coming shortly
  • Tags re-modelled
  • New groups added
  • Forum Nodes re-made
  • Rules & Important Threads made
hmm, I have done all this in 2 days? I'm on fire. Let's keep it going.
by Convertinq at 10:39 PM
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Hello All,

A formal introduction will come shortly, you won't see much of me around but when you do, be sure to say Hi. My name is Alex, i am the Website Developer here on Voyage. I mainly work on the backend interface of the network and make sure it is running as it should. You might find me floating around on the server sometimes for my own benefit but apart from that, i am forums bound. Now, to the good stuff.

This forum is mainly used for Developer updates/updates you do not get to see/spoilers. Yeah, a pretty big mess right? Oh well, this forum will allow you to see directly what i do and the other Developers. Now, my whisky is getting warm and I've rambled on for too long. Have a nice day.
  • About Us

    VoyagePvP is a custom factions server that contains a new way to play faction. VoyagePvP follows a story based on a deserted island controlled by dark and corrupted creatures and its up to you to try rid the Island for all darkness. Will you be able to fight it Or will you be consumed by corruption?
  • Support The Server

    Help keep this server running and fund constant updates by donating to the server from the server store. This doesn't mean you have to but it would support the server if you did!