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Greetings Travellers,

We have a very nice update for today

Enchantment VKIT

Forged by the ancient tribes of VoyagePvP. Created with magical essence this vkit has the power to give you overpowered enchants.

This VKIT includes:
- 5 Random Unique Books
- 5 Random Lost Books
- 5 Random Forgotten Books
- 1-3 Protection Gem
- 1-3 Blackscrolls
- 10 Unique Secret Dust
- 10 Lost Secret Dust
- 10 Forgotten Secret Dust

Tyche VKIT

Tyche is the god of luck. This vkit shows much luck and deems you worthy...
(This vkit contains crate keys which are purchasable on the store)

This VKIT includes:
- 2 Unique Crate Keys
- 4 Lost Crate Keys
- 5 Abandoned Crate Keys
- VKIT Helmet
- VKIT Bow

Admin Box

We will be hosting an Admin Box event on Sunday at 6PM GMT

Admin box is a raiding event in which you have to...
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Greetings Travellers,

New Boss Spawn Eggs

Introducing boss spawn eggs, You are now able to spawn bosses yourself to gain more op loot than you would on the average auto-spawning boss.

We have also added a ton of new bosses!

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Loot Crates

Introducing Loot crates, a new fun way to get enchants, keys and much more

These crates are available through bosses and the shipwreck event

Shipwreck Revamp

Shipwreck has been revamped due to numerous requests for it.

That's is all for now. This was supposed to be a big update but due to some slight problems, this update was...
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Greetings Travellers,

What are outposts?

The objective of an outpost is to capture it by standing in the area marked at /warp outpost until you have captured it completely (100%)

What do we get after capturing it?

You will receive an exp boost and potion effects for your whole faction. For more information do /outpost in-game.

For more information or any questions about the outpost please feel free to contact me.

Don't forget we have a 25% sale that is ending on Wednesday!

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Greetings Travellers,

Divine Swift

What is Divine Swift?

Divine Swift is an enchant that you can add to Acceleration III to get Speed IV

For now the only way to get Divine Swift is from the new vkit

Vykros VKIT

Based on the fallen warrior 'Vykros'. Obtain this vkit to get the powers of the undead warrior and unleash his inner power locked within his set of armour

You have a 25% chance to get Divine Swift on your boots with each redeem of the vkit


Classic game mode of King Of The Hill is now coming to VoyagePvP

Each KoTH will happen every 10 hours and will last 30 minutes

KoTH will be setup tomorrow

F Inspect

Introducing /f inspect,
This command allows leaders of the faction to see what block a player has place and broken
This is also combined with the insiding ban!!


1st Offence: 7 Day Ban
2nd Offence: 1 Month Ban
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Greetings Travellers!

Today we have some spicy new features and items.

Battle Pets

A true warriors companion never leaves his side, he's there through thick and thin and helps his master in all his endeavours. Now's your chance to have, at your beckoned call, a true companion who's abilities will guide you on your quest. Your newly found companion may look cute, but each one of them comes prepared and ready for battle.

These Battle Pets allow you to gain/active special abilities, They can be bought in-game with the command /petshop using Monstershards that are obtainable through killing bosses.


Coin Flips

Heads and tails will never be the same again! Introducing Coin Flips, This allows players to play the classic game of heads and...
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Greetings Travellers,

Dragon Slayer Event

Born from fire, Tokan cursed the lands of VoyagePvP for the death of his dragon kind. He swore he would come back and take his revenge one day... That day has come!
Collect friends and slay this beast for the riches that are contained within his corrupted soul!


To receive this reward you must do above 30% damage to Tokan

The Dragon Slayer Event will begin on Sunday 18th ¦ 6PM GMT
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Greetings Travellers,


Many of you have been waiting for this for a while but we have finally finished creating the crates!
Time to open all the keys you all collected

Quest Scrolls

From the depths of VoyagePvP, Introducing Quest Scrolls.

Created from the smartest and troublesome riddle masters of VoyagePvP these scrolls were used to leave all new travellers puzzled


Use /quest to open the gui to purchase a Quest Scroll


Looting Gems

The magical gem you have been waiting for, giving you the powers to make profits quicker than ever!

Simply right-click a chest with the looting gem and it will instantly sell all the items within the chest. However use it carefully, as you do have a limit of 2500 uses before the wand shatters, leaving only...
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Greetings Travellers,

We have been very excited about the release of this server plus all the support given by you all has been amazing!

Introducing the Void Walker boss:
Created in the corrupt laboratories of VoyagePvP the Void Walker monster was created to serve the admins but something went wrong...

Due to many requests, we have implemented a new grinder vkit!

Grinder VKIT

Available every 72 hours

Forged by the ancient tribes of VoyagePvP. The Grinder VoyageKit was made for the explorers of VoyagePvP, using this kit they were able to gain enough experience to conquer the warzone!



Sacred Eye










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Welcome to VoyagePvP Factions

IP -

VoyagePvP has been released! VoyagePvP is a custom enchants factions server which we have been working on for a long time.

This server has many custom plugins along with a beautiful warzone and spawn.

What It contains:

Custom Enchants
Custom Bosses
Custom Builds
Dedicated Staff
Custom Kits
Weekly Events
Optimized Cannoning
Optimized PvP
Custom Factions Plugin
Custom Plugins
Faction Upgrades
£80 PayPal F Top 1 Rewards
Much More

Faction Upgrade

F upgrade GUI (Purchasable upgrade for your faction land)
F warps
F fly
F stealth
Anti Water Prot Spawners
One hit Iron Golem Death
F ban

Join us today!


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  • Increased the response time to make the forums run faster
  • Fixed a few SQL issues that were causing the forum to lose data for split seconds
  • Added a few more custom templates
  • About Us

    VoyagePvP is a custom factions server that contains a new way to play faction. VoyagePvP follows a story based on a deserted island controlled by dark and corrupted creatures and its up to you to try rid the Island for all darkness. Will you be able to fight it Or will you be consumed by corruption?
  • Support The Server

    Help keep this server running and fund constant updates by donating to the server from the server store. This doesn't mean you have to but it would support the server if you did!